UNC false claims


I am amused, and perhaps perplexed, at the extent to which some United National Congress (UNC) activists would go to defend and promote the ‘achievements’ of Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

A recent newspaper report states UNC activists claim that under Mrs Persad- Bissessar’s leadership, the UNC won more votes in the recent general election as a party on its own and without ties to other parties, than the UNC did in 2015 when it was a part of the People’s Partnership coalition.

As if the above fanatical and senseless claim did not border on the fringes of lunacy, the activists incredulously slipped in, for good measure, her overwhelming victories in internal elections over UNC founder Basdeo Panday, former first youth officer and original member of the UNC Roodal Moonilal and, lastly, the well-loved Christine Newallo- Hosein.

Well, hooray to these activists for allowing members to know of these most fascinating statistics. I guess they may have been guided in their expose by some political analysts who crunched the numbers and revealed the UNC had gotten more votes than the PNM in Trinidad.

It may not be too long again for this fringe group to call upon the president to appoint Kamla Persad-Bissessar prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

One may well blame the pandemic for the UNC activists, with their contrived and useless statistics, not getting the news that Dr Keith Rowley is the Prime Minister of T&T.

Rabindra Moonan
San Fernando