T&T the land of do what you want


Trinidad and Tobago has become so corrupt according to recent statistics and as a result ordinary people are becoming crooked and corrupt as well just to survive. There are not enough job opportunities or business opportunities. We continue to hear promises around election, but nothing ever materialises.

We continue to be fed the crumbs and leftovers. There are not enough avenues to success in T&T. As long as the big fish continue doing whatever they want, the ordinary man will do what they want as well in order to feed their families. You may have to resort to cheating and underhand tactics to survive.

How many illegal weapons, contraband and illegal drugs are going to be allowed to come into this country before the current administration puts security measures in place to stop its flow? General elections are around the corner, but the Government is not seriously addressing the problem we have at the border. The UNC also has several opportunities to secure the border, but did not. We live in a ‘do whatever you want land.

Thousands of illegal immigrants are continuing to pour into T&T with no system in place or desire from the Government and even Opposition to stop the flow. They had many opportunities to secure the borders, but not much has been done by either political party. Our lives and the lives of our children are at stake.

It appears that the Government of T&T possess no will or desire to do what it takes to secure the borders. The same politicians are singing the same old songs: we will soon be putting policies in place to secure the borders. We all know that nothing will ever be done due to various reasons. It’s all nonsense.

We could easily secure the border if we had the political will to do so, but the current crop of politicians have shown no desire to do what it takes to stop the flow of people and illegal weapons into the country.

We need a new political party with leaders that are willing to do what it takes to secure this country now.

As long as we keep voting into power the same old politicians, innocent people will continue to be shot, robbed, kidnapped and killed without remorse.

Simon Wright