T&T needs the eternal light of Divali


Trinidad and Tobago needs the light of Divali, not only because of the Covid pandemic. We need the light of Divali to usher the national populace from the darkness which continues to adorn the national landscape.

Let us use the light of Divali 2020 to fight with success to throw this dreaded Covid-19 into the oblivion. The light of Divali is an eternal one which, if we address with spirituality and truth, would crush the pandemic or any other similar medical infractions- even unfair, partial governance.

This is the environment in which not only the people of this country, but the pandemic, have become a worldwide phenomena, and there is no definitive medication in store to truly wipe it out.

Because of this pandemic, in T&T we have had to cancel several major cultural and religious programmesnamely, Divali Nagar, Carnival, Panorama, and even political assemblies, when we refer to the August 2020 elections. And the populace has taken it with great ease and comfort and sacrifice. This is a commendable notion for which we must applaud ourselves.

It is very disheartening to undergo these traumatic episodes and, as we are no closer to the finality of Covid-19, let us all, regardless of social, economic, cultural or ethnic stock, use the message of Divali to usher the world into order and respect, so that the lights of Divali would become infinite.

And for this to happen, we must do it with our hearts and pure conscience. We must not, therefore, ignore the serious spirituality that Divali unfolds every year. Divali is not a one-day affair. Divali must become the inevitable part of our total lives, as it is packed with spirituality, moral and ethical values and thoughts.

We in T&T must respect and imbibe the teachings that Divali provides to all peoples, and we must take a serious look at its message because it can lead us to serious principles of truth, honesty, integrity and lessons for a peaceful society and world, devoid of instances of untrue values, violence and convulsions which would take us nowhere.

Let us use Divali 2020 as a guiding light for the future. We need the light for the future, as only a light can take us through the tunnel of darkness, as it is projected that certainly we would see the light at the end. This must be our hope and the best option for the future of all humanity, of which all of us are members of the total human family. Divali must become the meeting venue of all peoples, whether it is America, Africa, Europe or Asia to ignite another confluence of several streams of thought, philosophy and idealism to rewrite a new world.

It must inspire all of us to hope and to engender a total spiritual regeneration, for the people need a new political and economic transformation. The light that flickers is the North Star, which has given us the directions for mobility on this planet. Divali is one of the most serious and benevolent gifts or assets which our forefathers brought with them between 1845 and 1920. Divali is a people’s festival as it has now become on the national calendar of events.

Paras Ramoutar
Former councillor Caparo