T&T is our home


The Indian diaspora must set new paradigms as the community advances towards its 200th anniversary.

It is time people change the narrative about the abuse, suffering, discrimination, and economic, social and political turmoil meted out to them upon their arrival in Trinidad between 1845 and 1917.

It’s time to revalidate their presence and demonstrate that all is not lost. The history of nations and peoples continues to be replete with such incidents, but the immigrants overcame. This is a nation of immigrants.

There is the need for the continued acceptance and demonstration that Trinidad and Tobago is our home, and no kind of political or social or economic crisis must remove the reverence they hold for the land and its people.

A nation is ‘as strong as its people’. People have to resolve to continue to maintain and respect the national anthem and other aspects of patriotism and nationhood.

Paras Ramoutar