Trust the science; vaccination is the only way


As we watch first world countries with almost unlimited resources brought to their knees by the rampant spread of coronavirus and all that comes with it, to not allow Trinidad and Tobago to fall in such a catastrophe we must trust the science and all the data that prove vaccination is so far the only solution.

Vaccine hesitancy is by far the greatest threat to our country’s safety and security. The false perception of the vaccines being experimental has to be overcome one way or the other. I must praise the efforts of all our front line workers who have been working selflessly. They are truly our heroes.

I am however compelled to be forward and ask some of the vaccine hesitant people if you do not trust the doctors, the scientists and those who have worked tirelessly to understand and develop these vaccines, then why trust them with any other medical issues that you encounter in life? Why use medication and other vaccines that are manufactured by the very companies that manufactured the coronavirus vaccines to heal yourself? Why seek medical attention at the very institutions and doctors that are now advising you, using their knowledge and medical data, that the vaccine is the only solution to overcome this pandemic?

Ask yourselves; are these compa- nies, scientists and doctors good for one medical situation but bad for the other?

Last week it was reported that in Florida doctors and other medical staff, who were literally begging people to vaccinate, walked off the job in frustration as hospitals were piling up with unvaccinated, vaccine hesitant patients who had contracted the virus and were suffering major complications.

Praises must be directed to our Prime Minister, Minister of Health and the entire Government for procuring a variety of vaccines in mass numbers now available to us. We should be proud of the trust and confidence our leaders have in us that, unlike the US, Canada, Europe and countless other nations, our Government has not implemented mandatory vaccination.

Vaccines and medical personnel can now come to you if necessary to vaccinate you and your family to protect and save your lives.

My brothers and sisters, look globally at the effects of the Delta variant, look at the difference of the effects on vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Most skeptics of the vaccines ask why take the vaccine if you can still contract the virus but Iceland (a fully vaccinated country) is the perfect answer to that question. Iceland has not recorded a single death from coronavirus since May even though they have had thousands of positive Delta variant infections.

Most of the infected there only suffer mild effects that does not require hospitalisation. This proves that even if you become infected the vaccine is doing its job in curbing the effects and complications. We have to make a positive decision and get vaccinated for the sake of ourselves, our children and our country.

If the Delta variant that is already on our shores start spreading within our communities and we are caught with a low vaccinated population then may god help us all.

Nigel Seenathsingh
San Fernando