Trump and follow suit


Now that the US elections are over, it may be appropriate to follow some of the trends between Trump’s Republican Party and Kamla’s UNC.

The first striking similarity is that of the leaders’ approach to the electorate. Both Trump and Kamla chose not to be inclusive by forming a coalition with other interest groups as opposed to Joe Biden who portrayed and encouraged a broad front. Biden was able to attract most of the diverse groups in the US, Blacks, Latinos, Whites, Asians and many others.

UNC supporters will only too well remember with horror Kamla’s death wish pronouncement that she will go it alone!

Both Trump and Kamla held the view that those who held different views to them were considered to be enemies and ingrates and should be treated with scorn, ridicule and contempt. This is in stark contrast to Joe Biden who chose Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate notwithstanding she held different views to his as displayed during the primaries.

In Kamla land challengers are put to the sword!

It is also noteworthy to listen to some of the US commentators who now say that Trump ruled the Republicans with an iron fist and his members in the House and the Senate had virtually lost their spine and offered no alternative views and no opposition. In the Pink Palace, UNC representatives quiver in fear and prostrate in the presence of her Majesty as they continue to feed her bloated ego.

As had happened in the UNC of 2015 and 2020, Trump has taken the election results to court with a multitude of baseless claims and calls for recounts. In 2015 after Kamla lost over 100 thousand votes and 11 seats, she ill advisedly took the EBC to court and ended up indebted to the tune of millions.

In 2020, she adopted a new strategy of calling for needless and futile recounts in constituencies where she lost by thousands of votes. Trump has followed suit!

The results in the US have caused Trump to blame everyone for his loss but himself. He truly thought that his crude and crass behaviour would have been tolerated by the population for much longer as he may have been deluded to believe that the world was his golf course. In La La land, Kamla’s supporters believe that the country ends at the Caroni Bridge.

Donald Trump believed in the power of social media and was constantly tweeting. In the land of the blind, they have also resorted to social media searching for original ideas. The latest plagiarizing fiasco is nothing more than the continued saga of empress asleep while Rome burns. The excuse of the post being an administrative error is a poor excuse for poor leadership and the amount of egg on her face may likely result in a shortage for those wishing to bake Christmas sponge cake.

Perhaps the most distressing news for the citizens of the United States are rumours that Trump is being encouraged to contest the 2024 elections.

Ah well, at least he could justify his decision by pointing out to his one loss and that Kamla Persad Bissessar, SC, LLB, LEC, EMBA, Bsc (distinction) with a score of over 11 losses will be contesting for what is left of the UNC, in 2025.