True spirit, soul of our people


I stepped off of my usual path to get a closer look at this chaconia flower. It was blooming above my head, so I carefully held the branch to lower it.

First, I was struck by the vibrant red. It is a long spray of crisp, flaming, blood-red flowers. Then, I was surprised by the coincidental “T” shape. Never having observed this before, I thought it quite coincidental, or rather another fitting reason why this is the national flower of our country.

This flaming red “T” was an immediate reminder of the what I know to be the true spirit and soul of our people. We are vibrant. We are passionate. We are beautiful. We are ablaze with life and potentiality. We are the friendly faces and the helpful hands to each other.

We are only less than two weeks into the new year, Carnival is soon approaching and the atmosphere is buzzing. Let us be reminded that while the chaconia is referred to as the “Pride of TT,” we the people should be the pride of our country. We are and can be the best emblems of our TT heritage.