Too many cars on T&T’s roads


Forget about the tax breaks on purchases and the draining of foreign exchange. Let us be rational. There are far too many vehicles on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago.

A car is a necessity, but so is a fridge. Would each householder buy a fridge for each room? No room for that sort of indulgence?

Have we got sufficient roads for 500 registered used car dealers to import several thousand cars on a yearly basis?

Regardless of the eventual price of each car, people will still buy.

T&T people love and view cars as extensions of themselves. If you love shoes, you can easily find somewhere to put 50 pairs without clogging up the house; not so with cars.

We now have a plague of cars. We have to face the new normal on car purchases. Over-pricing cars will not deter buyers.

The roll-on-roll-off car industry has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. Theoretically, it is a dying industry. How long before we say enough is enough?

The car industry and the expectations of car ownership for all must face the new normal. The Government must control the glut.

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin