Together we achieve


On Monday, local government elections will be held. Parties will go head to head, battling against each other and contesting various seats in order to win. People of this nation will either vote or stay home, but whatever they do, it will affect the result of the election.

Unfortunately for their sake, it will not affect the aftermath of the election, for no matter who becomes victorious, the end always remains the same: nothing changes.

When elections take place, whether local or general, the people of our nation do not vote for parties based on them being the best of the best. Votes are based on who is the best of the worst.

The victor will then be crowned, and the usual situations will continue. This is because a politician’s goal is not secured by the nation’s cry. A politician campaigns to win, and once that result is secured, his/her real goal is achieved.

I say all of this to ask you, Trinidad and Tobago, how much longer will we suffer? How much longer will our brothers and sisters’ blood stain our roads? How much longer will sicknesses infect our people?

How much longer will depression and other mental health issues oppress our emotional stability?

How much longer will the unemployed stay unemployed? How much longer will our country cower in fear?

For too long we have tried to make sense of nonsense. We have taken medication from people who want us to remain sick, and we have silenced our voices before we could even shout.

It is useless to cry out to politicians whose ears are deaf to their nation’s cries. But if we could raise a loud roar together in harmony, not even they can remain unmoved.

Trinidad and Tobago, do not be treated as less when you are worth so much more. Remember our motto: together we aspire, together we achieve.

Angelia Bissoon