Tobago’s poor customer service


Something is wrong with the culture at the Tobago Immigration office, where one officer in particular is allowed to speak in an abusive, ignorant, insulting and rude manner excessively and unnecessarily.

It’s a problem not just at the Immigration office, but many parts of Tobago where good and professional customer service is very difficult to find, and it has worsened over the years.

Remedying this cultural toxicity must be a priority if Tobago intends to attract a large number of tourists, though this task will be difficult.

The willpower to address this issue may be in short supply, as there have been no signs of improvement over the years. Many customer service representatives and authority figures are unable to put their emotions aside and avoid challenging customer complaints.

They don’t listen to the customer and show genuine empathy. They rather jump down your throat and show you who is ‘boss’.

Tobago needs to raise its level of professionalism in order to create a positive image for itself, but currently it’s a sad state of affairs, where customer service is shockingly poor.

Simon Wright