Time to form a new football body


Once and for all, let us correct this imbroglio-the mismanaging of our sports. For too long in Trinidad Tobago, the West Indies, the entire world, the avaricious self-interest of the few (management) has continued to stymie the survival and best interests of hard-working, aspiring professionals who passionately love what they do-their sport.

Football in Trinidad and Tobago needs to be controlled by those who best serve its full interest. Pull the football field out from under the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA). They have compromised and paralysed the very game they purport to serve. How can they even begin to deliberately act as they are doing, full-speed ahead, so as to disrupt and to sully the very future of so many of our young men and women? Our football is bigger than this obstacle.

Have T&T football managed by competent, experienced footballers with integrity-who best so to do? Constitute this legally. Form a new national football body-Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Ltd. Whatever.

Even if this new body is transitional, form a new legal entity. With haste, move to ensure we are given the opportunity and support to compete successfully, internationally, now.

Leave the TTFA professional management bewildered and with nothing. Expose their vacuous shell and staunch narcissism. A team of football elders with skilled, hands-on local coaches, honest accounting and advertising experts can manage all of our respective entities. Form a new football body. This-in conjunction with FIFA, the Normalisation Committee and all other authorised football bodies-could begin a new era with skilled, passionate know-how and fresh boots to rebuild our game.

It is as plain as day that many of our secondary Intercol football teams, together with their respective coaches and management, are ready for international competition. Come on, people. Form a fresh, new, clean, unscathed national entity. Bring fresh perspectives. Even a new national coaching force can be transitional. One game (success) at a time.

Across the span of all of our sporting bodies, there are competent minds, with capable skills and honest hands. Sports brings us no end of joy. Moreso, it unites us. Our young, upcoming sporting prodigies need well-intentioned, success-driven, institutional support. Come forward, T&T. We are bigger and better than this. Let the games begin.

Jennifer Dale Reece