Time to change for T&T’s betterment


Archbishop Jason Gordon was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) in recognition of his work with at-risk communities and non-governmental organisations.

His uncle, former Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon, cited Gordon’s increasingly important role in community affairs, including resolving major differences between two warring factions in Laventille.

The proud uncle, in his speech at Archbishop’s House at a celebratory event, highlighted a remarkable event in the life of the archbishop. An event if followed by parents would lead to better development of children and our future.

He recalled that the archbishop was suffering from dyslexia (the impairment of the ability to read) that threatened to become a cognitive nightmare with all sorts of consequences for a Sixth Form pupil of Fatima College. Jason’s father became directly involved and rose every morning, awakened his son and read to him for more than an hour. It worked-eventually many weaknesses of dyslexia were replaced with strengths of the spoken word.

A miracle of the sorts through faith and belief, I would think. The rest is history-today the archbishop’s impressive sermons speak for themselves. A shining example of good parenting and the overwhelming results of same.

The archbishop said ‘while citizens expected others such as politician, trade union leader, pundit, imam or priest to solve T&T’s problems-they cannot unless we all choose to make a fundamental change’.

He lamented that ‘we have lost confidence in our religious traditions, many of us discarding the faith of our parents and grandparents’.

Archbishop Gordon felt there was much more a united T&T could do ‘if we dare to look again with fresh eyes’. By this, I think he is referring to deep introspection and making the tough decisions we need to make to recover from the road we are going down.

Our country seems to be in a downward spiral and we need good parenting, like we used to have a long time ago-proper parenting, like the example set by Jason’s father almost five decades ago.

We need parents to lead by example-take your family to church, temple, mosque or whatever religious persuasion you prefer-but do your best to inculcate religion in your life and be the change that we need as a nation.

Many of our children are missing out on the virtues of religion because we as parents are not leading by example. Can you imagine what would become of the next generation?

The archbishop has sounded the warning, as he called for hard work and sacrifice and said that T&T has gone mad pursuing pleasure. The blame rests with everyone who makes bad choices for corruption, indiscipline and mediocrity.

We need to make a significant investment in our underdeveloped communities. We need to treat them like we want to be treated. People, it’s time to make the change for the betterment of our beloved country.

Our future lies in our hands. Let’s rethink and reform our ways, and stem the tide that is enveloping us.

Terrence Kalloo