Time to bring back the hangman


Many people believe that the death penalty is not an effective deterrent to murders in our country, but they offer no alternative or significant solution to reduce this heinous crime.

Others believe we should embrace it since we have nothing else at our disposal and because it worked in the past.

In the days before and after independence we were permitted to hang people for murder. Nothing was wrong was this. In fact, it was all well and good to have it inscribed in our Constitution.

Now the UK and its Privy Council and others like Amnesty International and the UN are telling us we should discontinue capital punishment because all of a sudden it is cruel, inhumane and it violates human rights.

We listen to everybody but nobody listens to us. We are clamouring for the death penalty which is currently in a comatose state waiting for someone to resuscitate it.

In the past ten years the governments have attempted to bring it back but since the politicians can’t see eye to eye and are concerned about who gets the political credit, we continue to be victims.

It was not such a bad idea when Dole Chadee and members of his gang were hanged in 1999, bringing down his criminal enterprise. In fact, it sent a strong message to the criminals.

I think it is more than time to employ a hangman. This could save numerous lives. It could also send a strong message to the murderers that we are going to fight fire with fire.

And if the Government refuses, then we should demand a referendum on capital punishment.

New York