The world at our feet


THE world watched in awe when ‘Saga Boy’ and ‘Tan Tan’ sashayed across the Big Stage; The lovable puppets wriggled their way into our hearts and onto every Carnival page.

The world stopped in its tracks as a new sound kissed the Savannah grass from a nearby hillside Where a man with a hammer beat life into rusty oil drums and invented the original pan side.

The world put its hand in the air to give praise to The One with the lyrics; The truthtelling seer, with roots far and wide, turned his anthems into singalong classics.

The world’s jaw dropped when the Prince of Port of Spain made mas on the cricket field.

With World Cup goals and Olympic gold, we harnessed the power that our athletes wield.

The world saw beauty through a brand new lens when our Queens took the Crown; Miss World once, Miss Universe twice-all three still the talk of the town.

The world salivated and bit its tongue when Callaloo and Curry shook hands; A handshake that proved we are ‘Trinis’ first, regardless of our ancestral lands.

The world blinked twice when the moon and the deya illuminated a cross on a steeple; Children of the Red, White and Black-we are indeed a special mix of people. The world is puzzled when a million jagged pieces fit-shades of white, black and brown; So, with hands on our hearts, let’s sing our Anthem out loud and celebrate every trophy, medal and crown!

The world at our feet-lest we forget-‘here every creed and race find an equal place and may God bless our Nation!’

Carolyn Gupte