The Digital Exam Upgrade


We’re heartened to see CXC embracing technological change, and developing its systems to maximize learning in the region. Currently, students are able to access their exam results, whether it’s CSEC or CAPE via an online portal on the CXC website. A decade ago, it was purely paper slips to be collected at school.

We note the progress that seems to be on the cards soon, were pupils will be able to have access to on-demand testing, scheduling and an e-learning hub. We’re in the 21st century and tech is evolving rapidly, where cell phones are text books, notepads, encyclopedias, drawing books, and much more in one small device. CXC is also planning to give e-certificates to students, so employers will have to step up their game as well and ensure these are accepted widely.

Of course, each territory in the region needs to adapt to this tech change. It started in 2010 in Trinidad and Tobago, with the introduction of a laptop per child, as it sought to give pupils the tech needs that the world would demand. Of course, there were the positives and negatives of that, but we strongly believe it was a step in the right direction.

Currently, a limited amount of computers are being made available to each school for use. We feel it’s time for greater strides towards teaching through technology, even at the primary school level. It’s no secret that children are adapting to technology at a young age, even if we accept it or not.

It’s time for us in the Caribbean to move rapidly towards giving our students a chance to learn, even when they’re not in a classroom. Video lessons, online testing and instant results…just a few ideas, but it surely will help even the less interested pupils advance their learning.

General elections are coming up soon, and parties will be promising this, that and the other. But if there are any of them who wish to take things seriously, especially in the Education Sector — teaching through technology we suggest, is sorely needed to progress in T&T.