The buck stops with us


The slowly staged reopening of our borders and removal of the state of emergency on November 29 may be a step in the right direction, but should come with several stern warnings.

The First World has sufficiently vaccinated 80 per cent-plus citizens, and we are far behind that figure. Our new Covid-19 cases are heading towards 400 daily.

Even with the deaths slowing down, the new cases of Covid-19 infection should be less. If enough citizens are fully vaccinated, things could improve.

Are the unvaccinated to be classified as brain-dead people? They are totally aware of the high stakes, dragging everybody down with them. When will there be sufficient numbers of citizens queuing to take vaccines?

We, the vaccinated people, are also the losers if the unvaccinated refuse to get on board. Our tourism and entertainment industries will continue to suffer, and the T&T economy will stagnate.

The buck stops with us. All of us.

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin