Teach certain topics at certain levels


Many views have been expressed on the very critical issue of sexual education in schools by religious bodies and concerned citizens. The incidence of so many teenage pregnancies should really be of serious concern to all of us.

The Hindu Women’s Organisation (HWO) would like to add its voice to this consultation process, as groups have been invited to do by the Ministry of Education.

We would like to suggest that appropriate topics be included in the curriculum at different levels of both primary and secondary schools.

Standards 1-3

a. Inappropriate touching; Standards 4-5

a. Adolescence and the associated physiological changes;

b. Awareness of behaviours and actions of predators, eg bribing and favours.

Forms 1-3

a. Sexual relationships by force or consent and the resulting consequences;

b. Classroom discussions on a range of sexual issues that can help them make informed decisions on healthy relationships.

Forms 4-6

a. Future planning. Goals related to career, life partner, children, home and personal development.

The HWO would also like to raise a general concern: who is responsible for training, monitoring and vetting the character of facilitators to ensure the integrity of the programme?

Kamla Tewarie
Hindu Women’s Organisation