‘Stick’ without ‘carrot’ not enough, Mr PM


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, so far you have only been talking about the pandemic affecting the health of our nation’s people, but not the health of their financial pandemic.

Our population now faces a state of emergency (SoE), extended until August, but there is no corresponding solution identifying how and when how and when this coronavirus will be brought under control?

You expect our ‘fatigued’-mentally, emotionally and physically-citizens to keep following your instructions, but without you also sharing the endgame, or solution to show when this victory is achieved?

This approach is ‘stick’ without ‘carrot’. People can survive hardships best when hope is also given. This hope factor, say ‘Timeline for Recovery’, is sorely missing.

Secondly, the economic and financial health of our nation’s citizens is collapsing. Businesses are being decimated, as well as the corresponding salaries of the people working for the companies and business. Again, the best medicine for a people being economically oppressed is HOPE.

Where is this hope, PM Rowley?

What steps are being taken to reflate our economy and create lost employment?

Where is the plan to fast-track our construction industry-one of the largest employers of people?

To stage Carnival in 2022, which usually injects US$50 million/TT$350 million into our economy?

How many new hotels will be built over the next three years to diversify our sources of revenue, with energy revenues with just a precipitous six-year window-re recent Exxon and Shell decisions?

Where is your plan of hope, Mr PM, for both these pandemics?

Roger Gordon Cascade