We’re just days away from the Local Government polls, and by the next 48 hours the heavy election campaigning will come to an end, as it should. From Sunday and definitely on Monday, no one is allowed to canvass or campaign at all, so keep that in mind.

We’ve noted in the past editions of the Local Government elections that voter turnout has been low, and surely under what the numbers are for a General Election. But why is this? Is it that persons do not understand the Local Government system or its importance to their daily lives, or maybe they just don’t regard it as important since it doesn’t change the Prime Minister and various Ministers?

But we think Local Government should be on the front burner, since it is the first point of contact with our very livelihoods. From our communities, we need local government services to operate and help us every step of the way, and we interact the most with this system than we do with the Central Government. From the collection of garbage from our roadsides, cleaning and clearing drains, cutting grass at the roadsides, maintaining the parks and recreational areas where we and our kids play.

Let’s not forget to mention the issuance of building approvals, maintenance of local roads and overseeing public health in communities. We have to ensure we get the best out of our Local Government, even now when these corporations are being demanded to do more with less funding.

We need to ensure their operations are efficient and timely, simply because our livelihoods depend on it directly. Voting in Monday’s election is your signal as to who you think will best be suited to represent your district, and represent it to the maximum.

Not just when things are bad…always, even when things are smooth. You councilors and aldermen should always be your first responders and hopefully, always available for your community’s needs.

Once you’re of age, and eligible to vote, ensure you do so on Monday, for whoever you truly believe can live up to this job. Don’t let these elections go by without exercising your right to vote.