Somebody needs to stop WI’s pain


Somebody needs to stop the terrible pain that has been inflicted upon Caribbean cricket fans by the WI team players and administrators for far too long, as it shows no signs of ever stopping on its own. For some 30 long years the WI cricketers have made a name for themselves- not in any good way, but as being the laughingstock of the cricketing world as players and administrators come and go with no better effect.

Despite all the ‘old talk’ from those in charge of WI cricket, there is a common and recurring theme of one set of regional cricket administrators and players outperforming their predecessors, only in terms of breaking the collective heart of those of us who desperately love ‘the maroon’ team and the sun-swept Caribbean islands for whom it stands.

Without a collective and disciplined movement in the Caribbean to clean up the morass that is pervasive in Cricket West Indies (CWI) and produce world-beating teams to represent the region once more, WI cricket may die.

The WI Test cricket team that has been selected to tour Australia later this year leaves little room for any optimism for the future whatsoever, and it argues the point that CWI has no idea how to deal with the fact that the cricket of the Netherlands, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, among other newcomers to the gentleman’s game, is now above WI’s own at the ongoing T20 International World Cup in Australia.

And a careful look at this regional Test squad set to tour Australia is very disturbing, to say the least, because it contains no batsmen who can have any chance of averaging over 50 runs during the two Test series. As a matter of fact, it may be very delusional to expect any of them to even average over 40 runs as the Aussies happily make WI ‘grovel’ in a manner that even our grandchildren are going to very painfully feel.

No matter how CWI celebrates the greatness of our fast bowlers like Kemar Roach, Jayden Seales and Jason Holder, it is runs on the board that are required to be competitive when Windies take the field of play in Australia, in what seemingly portends to be a Christmas WI would lucky to forget Down Under, fresh on the heels of a disgraceful performance at the W Cup.

Fitzroy Othello
Princes Town