So many questions


It turns out there are still more questions.

How come I see photos with nurses/ doctors administering vaccines with and without gloves? Aren’t gloves required?

When will we receive the ministry’s list of priority persons to receive vaccines? Maybe it has been published and I missed it?

Can we receive the list of priorities for returning residents to receive exemptions? Are they weighted, or is it like a lottery draw?

Do our stranded citizens in overseas locations have access to our embassies or consulates? Why aren’t these people being housed and fed at these facilities that we pay for?

Can we be told how a citizen living and working overseas becomes more a priority than a resident without finance or housing resources overseas, to be exempted?

Is it quicker for a citizen wanting to return home to land in Barbados or other Caribbean islands and then get a flight into Trinidad or maybe Tobago?

RIP procurement legislation 2020.

Anne de Silva
St Joseph