Sex ed leads to STDs, pregnancies


In these turbulent economic times, job security is not assured as in times past. Therefore I must thank the proponents of sex education in schools for it almost guarantees job security for prison officers in the foreseeable future.

A global research review of school-based comprehensive sex ed programmes found very little effectiveness from them and instead discovered increased sexual activity. The review, conducted by the Institute for Research & Evaluation and published in the Institute of Law and Medicine in January, examined 60 studies of 40 school-based comprehensive sex education programmes in the US as well as 43 studies of 39 programmes in other countries.

Negative effects listed in the review include increased pregnancy, increased STDs, increased sexual activity (initiation, frequent or recent sex), decreased condom use, increased oral sex, increased sex partners, an increase in forced or coerced sex, and an increase in paid sex.

Increased teenage pregnancy automatically translates to increased single-parent households which produce 70 per cent of incarcerated African American males (see The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty by Aaron Clarey).

Now that the dots have been connected and applied to TT, criminal justice system employees are now all but guaranteed job security.