Returnees must wait


Let us walk directly into the ungrateful returnees debate. No mincing of words regarding the ongoing grouse about who suffering the most before being allowed back into T&T. For those who happily went to permanently live and work in a First World country, ask yourself this-Would I have applied for exemption to return had there not been a pandemic?

Should I expect first preference because of age and the possibility of dying like flies in my new country of abode?

Was it expected that the T&T Government would have laid on charters, free of charge?

Did you expect free gourmet meals while in quarantine? Hotel accommodation with room service?

It is on record that more than 17,000 persons applied for exemptions. If the Minister of National Security had allowed all 17,000 to return within the space of a month, (or arrivals than that on any Carnival weekend) would we today have been able to boast of less than 126 deaths from Covid- 19?

Since the speeding up of returnees a fair number of arrivals are carriers of the virus. Look at what is happening in poor little Tobago. They are already distressed because of the collapse in world tourism. Do you wish them more suffering?

Were any of the 17,000 applicants allegedly illegal immigrants, hence the added anxiety?

Some people took employment abroad knowing full well that our borders were closed. I am tempted to say it like they do out there in foreign, just suck it up. You will eventually get here where the virus is not as likely to kill you, just be patient.

Consider the fact that well over 350,000 Americans are dead of the virus. Their hospitals and staff are deeply stressed. Say a prayer and wait your turn. Better you vexed with the Minister of National Security than we have 500 dead in T&T and still counting.

For those who think I possibly have no heart, just sue me. I prefer to be alive.

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin