Reaping the results of ignoring the law


WILL the Government, the Opposition and those of various legal rankings please stop yakking about the escalating crime and quit employing mediocre crimeprevention measures until you all get your act together and start administering the appropriate punishment our written laws endorse for murder?

Given your official statuses, you all are very aware that it would take cooperation to get this done.

And you, all of you, are not offering any hope to the nation with all your continuous gibbering. On the contrary, you have become repetitious and nauseating while the murder toll continues to skyrocket.

Here we have the Government talking about all the measures they have put or intend to put in place to keep crime down, but every day the murder toll tells a different story.

Then we have the Opposition who are forever claiming they have the answers if given another chance in power. In 2011, after a year in power, they instituted what they termed as a ‘limited’ state of emergency to battle the murder spree. Nonetheless, there were still hundreds of murders every year for their remaining four years in power.

Sometimes you can’t help wondering-are they, the Opposition, whoever they are at any given time, sneakily contented when the murder toll skyrockets, therefore act accordingly, because that would increase their chances of being re-elected?

Then we have some people in legal positions who, while criticising the Government’s crime-fighting efforts, continue to assiduously defend the accused, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

We have laws that approve penalties for wounding, and so it is with larceny, illegal firearms, illegal drugs and sexual offences. And since there are still instances of these crimes, can we even begin to imagine what our crime situation would have been like if the penalties for all these offences were totally abandoned for 23 years?

And that is exactly what is happening, as far as the appropriate sentence for the most serious crimemurder-is concerned: we’ve completely abolished its implementation for the last 23 years.

And we are now reaping the results. Could the media please provide the murder toll for the past 23 years?

All the above-mentionedlegal people, politicians (some of whom are also legal personnel) and even the criminals-are all very conscious of this feigned legal distortion.

The only legal personnel I can justify for any shortfall in the fight against crime are the police. They are the ones who are engaged in physical encounters-eg, gun battles and high-speed chases with the criminals, only to face astronomical manipulation of our laws in court by those who seem prepared to go to the ends of the earth to set their clients free despite engulfing evidence.

Years ago, the victims of this horrendous crime were mostly men, who themselves might have been engaged in illegal activities. Today, women and even little children are paying a high price as victims of these monsters.

Unfortunately, as a nation, we, especially those who possess the legal proficiency to see true justice prevail, have seemingly lost not just the tenacity, but apparently all inborn human compassion.

One of the public holidays we celebrate is Independence Day. I truly believe we should discard that celebration because we are definitely not independent.

Lloyd Ragoo Chaguanas