Reach out with kindness to improve our nation


There is a heart warming video circulating on many chat groups which depicts small children approaching various adults sitting alone in coffee shops and restaurants, to engage in friendly small talk.

It is very well done and clearly illustrates the power of a friendly gesture to a stranger, which usually results in the kindness being returned in equal measure.

Encouraged by this video, I have been making a conscious effort to engage supermarket cashiers, bank tellers, fast food counter staff, along with vendors in the Beetham market with generally good results.

Yes, if you show genuine interest in others, most folks will respond in kind, leading to small uplifting experiences on a daily basis.

The other aspect of living in a community minded fashion is that if you practice it for long enough, you get to know your local doubles man, supermarket cashier, roti shop owner, gas station attendant, etc, by name and vice versa.

This approach to life also leads to a positive transformation of your daily temperament, which is proven to have positive effects on your physical and mental health.

Finally, if a majority of us adopt this approach to everyday living it can only improve ourselves, our families, our communities and by extension, our nation.