Punish fete promoters to fullest


The “zesser” parties with hundreds of people breaching the public health coronavirus legislation, if not curbed will eventually endanger the lives of a large section of the population.

It is my sincere but reluctant opinion that a very strong message must be sent to deter the reckless and irresponsible people who are promoting these fetes. These promoters, if convicted, must receive the maximum fine as punishment.

They promote these fetes in order to make money; they are not concerned with the safety and welfare of themselves, the partygoers nor the general public. Thus the criminal justice system must inflict the legal severe maximum punishment upon their heads so that others will be deterred from promoting these fetes.

And the 250 people who were detained at the “zesser” party in Caroni on November 22 must be charged and if found guilty and convicted, must also feel the brunt of the law.

I call upon the magistrates who will eventually deal with the matters to use the guidelines of punishment (for those convicted) and thus emphasise the concept of deterrence so a clear message will be sent out to the society.