Protect girls and women-local and migrant


It is reported that Russian soldiers are not just killing Ukraine citizens and destroying their country, they are also sexually abusing adolescent and teenage girls who are caught hiding during the invasion.

Nonetheless, if these girls are caught by Russian soldiers or escaped to neighbouring countries, they are reported to be facing the same sexual dilemma.

According to (Al-Jazeera) reports, many of the teenagers who do make it to adjoining western countries are forced into prostitution, while the younger ones are forcefully taken or even sold under the pretence they will be taken care of.

And this brings to mind the Venezuelan migrants issue in our land.

A couple of years ago, there were claims that there were 50,000 to 70,000 Venezuelan migrants.

Those in charge of running our country countered by asserting there were only about 15,000 and that the matter was being addressed.

If there actually were 15,000 then, given the numbers seen employed at bars, groceries, gas stations, clothing stores, hardware, poultry depots, car washes, etc, at present, surely those numbers must have more than tripled.

Of course, both the political opportunists and those in charge possibly don’t view this exploding number of migrants as a significant issue because at the moment there’s no election fever in the air.

Frankly, as our closest neighbour, and given the size and resources of their country, we should try to assist in any way we can.

We need not be reminded how many of our citizens ran to the good old US (and literally prospered) over the decades when we were facing challenging economic times here.

One of our main concerns as far as those migrants are concerned, however, should be the protection of those children and adolescent girls, more so given the increasing reported numbers of these migrants who are kidnapped, raped or killed.

Let’s be realistic. Are we still so naive to think it’s only well-known bandits and criminals who have their eyes on these little ones?

As far as viewing these children as easy prey, you might have a ‘well-mannered’ potential abuser in your neighbourhood, in your workplace or even in your family without you realising it.

Yeah, I know, how dare I accuse one of your family members of being a possible sexual abuser. But think of all the women who are now coming to the forefront and pointing out those ‘respected’ individuals in society who sexually abused them when they were teenagers and/or adolescents.

At present, those in charge are at odds with how to deal with the very people trusted with our own abandoned/ incarcerated children.

And they (those in charge) will most likely get no assistance, pragmatic workable solutions or otherwise, from those trying to replace them.

To all women and kind-hearted men in our country, individuals and organisations, please help protect these tender-aged females, local and migrant. We can’t begin to imagine what these girls must be going through on a daily (or nightly) basis.

Lloyd Ragoo