Problems with pepper spray


The most significant thing about pepper spray is that it can be used for protection, as well as an attack on the vulnerable. This is Trinidad and Tobago where guns rule the murder statistics. Pepper spray will add a new dimension to female execution. I personally do not believe pepper spray will be as helpful as anticipated. But I suppose something is better than nothing. The spray will be a problem in the hands of teenagers who choose to bully classmates. It can be used by attackers to demobilise the victim. It will more likely be dropped than put to use in a direct attack of a man on a woman. I do not believe pepper spray will prevent domestic violence. Pepper spray could ramp up the abuse in both men and women.

It will best be kept out of the reach of very young children. How much will it cost? As expensive as a life, no doubt.

The main financial winners will be the persons selling the item. In the wrong hands, we could all be losers.

I am not saying pepper spray itself will not work effectively. But, figuratively, for whom will it best work?

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin