Problem with how we treat middle class


I think it’s time we all face the fact that TT is a society that is being shaped to support and enrich the elite.

There is not even an attempt to mamaguy us with some semblance of egalitarianism. Examples you say? Let’s see:

* Women are being told to use insecticide to ward off attackers, when legalising pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons like tasers should be a no-brainer.

* The elite and connected can easily obtain a firearm user’s licence, even though they are at the lowest risk of being robbed, attacked or raped. A licence should be easier to obtain in a time like this. Crime and criminality are rampant in the middle class communities, on which the criminals prey as they can’t access the walled enclaves of the elite.

* Apparently only the elite can have parties in the time of covid19 restrictions.

* Apparently only the elite can access their private beaches, as the rest of the population can only stand from the road and watch the waves.

It’s plain to see for all who want to admit it, we have a serious problem with how we treat the middle class and poor in this society.

Think on what I’ve said and if it makes sense take it, if not leave it.

La Romaine