PM owes the country an apology


I have read with regret a vulgar comment attributed to the Prime Minister of this country, who is alleged to have told Inshan Ishmael, a citizen of this country, to ‘kiss my a—‘ in an e-mail exchange.

This is a forceful reminder of the warnings given by his predecessor, Patrick Manning, who strongly advised that the excesses of the Keith Rowley temperament were uncontrollable.

Such conduct and, more particularly, example to the youth of this country are to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

The Prime Minister has made ongoing appeals for the uplifting of standards, commitments to the building of national pride and the imperatives of a society that is committed to integrity and decency-qualities we must all embrace.

But we cannot say these things out of one side of our mouths, and say ‘kiss my a–‘ on the other.

Prime Minister, you owe this country and, more particularly, our young people an unqualified apology.

Ken Gordon