Please, silent fireworks only


Animals Alive, the largest no-kill shelter in the Caribbean, totally objects to the planned fireworks displays for Independence Day at three venues, based on the fact that fireworks are detrimental to animals and cause death, injury, panic, anxiety and can precipitate health problems and deleterious conditions.

We are still treating a dog who lost her mobility after Old Year’s Night 2019 because fright brought on paralysis. Of course we write to advocate for animals but many humans too think these displays are beautiful yet worthless because the explosive noise created is unsettling and cruel, especially to the old and very young.

After the death of the kangaroo at the zoo and factual reports of the negative stress that zoo animals endure, we would think such displays would be prohibited at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Our 500 dogs, 75 cats and two horses are very upset and disoriented by loud noises and it’s a nightmare to manage them during the nights of Divali and Old Year’s because of the explosive noises of incendiary devices.

It’s high time to stop these cruel practices that meaninglessly entertain a few and bring financial profit to even fewer. We endorse silent fireworks only, as the beauty remains but the torment goes away.

Let’s promote practices in our society that cater for all and move away from barbaric behaviours.