Picong always on the agenda in Parliament


The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Paula-Mae Weekes, called it as it is: ‘The people deserve better.’

If it is said every year, it is because no change is coming from those who lead. Take her words and do better next time around. I am convinced the citizens deserve better, and this is not meant to belittle anyone.

Look at the living conditions of so many of our citizens.

It is a horror story: bad roads, no water, flooding, crime, unemployment, poverty, and this list can go on. Yet our leaders still have the time in Parliament to fight one another, throw stones, and talk at times about things that change nothing in the lives of the population.

Picong seems to be always on the agenda, at the expense of whom? The man out here who is struggling to make ends meet; many in the public domain wondering what is taking place.

As a nation, many of us continue to bury our heads in the sand, hoping things will get better, instead of joining forces to make things better. No one likes to hear the truth, especially if it is of a critical nature when it is pointing to them.

Life goes on normally for some, while large sections of the population continue to suffer.

After all, it is not bothering me, so why stress myself? are those silent words. This seems to be the attitude of some of our leaders.

I am calling on our leaders to please, for the sake of the people and the country, do better. Look around and truly see what is taking place in our beautiful paradise, and in the lives of the people who you made a commitment to serve.

I have confidence better can be done for the citizenry of our blessed country. Take off the everyday war garments and learn to work with one another to make T&T a better place for all to live. This is what is needed. There are too many excuses.

We all need answers at this junction of our history, and that is not asking for too much.

Come on, let us do it together.

Yes, we can, and with God’s help things can change, for the people deserve better.

Arnold Gopeesingh
San Juan