Pick up your dog’s poop, people


TT, it is imperative we pick up our dog’s poop. Responsible dog owners pick up after their pets in public places. But many people think it is not important.

I have stepped in more than my fair share of dog poop. How about you? This is one of the many reasons to clean up after your dog. Here are some others:

* Dog poop does not break down on its own.

* It contains disease-causing bacteria and parasites.

* It is common courtesy to pick up after your pooch poops.

* Dog poop is not a fertilizer.

How would you feel if someone did a number greater than one in front your gate? Or imagine you have on a 2023 Jordan and you step into dog poop.

TT, we need to be responsible pet owners. I am not talking poop here.

A dog is a man’s best friend. Is man a dog’s best friend?


Princes Town