People, let us focus on all the good Government is doing


Control over borders and immigration is central to national security, economic prosperity, and rule of law. Per the US national security strategy, that country affirms its sovereign right to determine who may enter the country and under what circumstances. Illegal immigration burdens the economy, hurts American workers, presents public safety risks, and enriches smugglers and other criminals.

The above is from the US Department of State’s website, an integral part of that government’s policy on illegal immigration.

Prime Minister Dr Rowley in a morning talk show went into detail and explained the importance of curbing illegal immigration in TT, especially during a pandemic. We have to understand the importance of limiting our resources in these difficult times, securing our citizens and adhering to the rule of law.

At the same time it must be noted that the our Government has done more for immigrants, especially Venezuelans, than any other government in the world. But there are many detractors using illegal immigration as a tool to try and make the Government look heartless and create chaos.

The Government has managed the pandemic admirably, better than most First World countries. We should also recognise that crime, especially murder and kidnapping, has decreased significantly under the Rowley-led Government.

Also, public servants continue to be paid and on time and we have food, water and free medicine for chronic diseases. The positives are what we should be focused on.

Citizens must not be distracted by people who wish to create havoc and not make a positive contribution to the development of TT.