Our Goldfish Mentality


We’ve got so much going on in Trinidad and Tobago lately that it’s hard to keep track of what to be angry about. The latest round of madness comes from the fact that a sitting Minister of Government has been charged and has been fired. But are we done with being concerned about what has happened to the fishermen in the Gulf of Paria? That incident was so impactful…until more stories came along. It would be crazy to call the new stories distractions. But it seems that way.

Have we abandoned our own fears for these fishermen, who have to get out to sea to get their catch…because it’s their livelihood and it’s their food! Imagine yourself driving to work every day in total fear, looking over your back at every possible moment. It’s like that. So what is being done to assist these persons now?

Have T&T Coast Guard or National Security officials made any guarantees to these communities that more will be done to protect them on land and at sea?

You know what…today we’re calling for these fisherfolk to apply for firearm licenses, and we want those with direct authority to make it happen. We are asking you, Mr. Police Commissioner, to grant them authority to carry guns out at sea to protect themselves. It’s only fair.

These fisherfolk need to protect themselves and their families, Boats and engines are being stolen and lives are being taken…for what? The hopes and dreams of these villages are under threat, and we must stand up for our fellow citizens…the law-abiding, hard working men and women, who seem to be under threat.

We can’t let next week’s news stories forget about others, especially those that need our attention. There was much hullabaloo following the fishing incident, with the death of infamous Sea Lots men, and the arrest and questioning of others. We’re surely giving national security officials the benefit of the doubt that more is being done, though not much is being said. The call by these communities for more sea patrols, a police post and CCTV cameras is not out of reach. Make it happen, please!