Other areas where budget cuts can be made


I would like to add my voice to the many who have spoken out against the current plans to reduce nationally funded education scholarships from 400 to 100.

Now, while realising the Government has to find avenues for cutting expenditure, maybe there are other areas where budget cuts could inflict less pain than in education.

I would like to suggest the Government shut down TTT instead of cutting the number of urgently required scholarships. This measure should save well over $300 million annually without impacting on the Government’s ability to communicate electronically with the general public.

You see, T&T has two very professionally run television stations from which the Government can purchase air time to disseminate its plans, programmes and achievements to the people, as it sees fit.

This strategy would also help it get its message out to a wider audience, as the viewership of any and all programmes on TTT is simply minuscule, and spending hundreds of millions of precious taxpayers’ funds to keep this moribund television alive does not make good sense on any level.

Gregory Wight