Open up and save the country


The stark reality is that Covid-19, like the flu, is never going to go away. So, what are we going to do? Continue lockdowns forever or until it is too late?

Until recently, the powers that be slavishly followed the dictates of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which then announced that lockdowns do not work, and that they should cease. So much for the WHO. We knew better.

This brings us to the untold harm being done to our already fragile economy. Many businesses are on the brink of extinction. And now it seems to be affecting that bulwark of our economy-the banks.

We have always prided ourselves on our strong banking system. There was an article last week stating that T&T banks were at risk. Today, we see that Republic Bank had a 40-per cent fall in profits! And we sit by and meekly accept all of this. Where are the protests from the chambers of commerce, the Bankers Association and all patriots?

This has got to stop. A few articles in the press will not suffice. There was an article recently by a UK government minister addressing a meeting calling Covid a scam, which it is. Save our country now-open up.

F Mouttet