Once criminals in fancy cars remain untouched, violent crime will continue


The police in the Czech Republic recently converted a Ferrari car confiscated from criminals into a police service vehicle.

It cost US$12,555 to outfit the luxury vehicle for use by police, and the vehicle will be driven by specially trained police officers, as it will be used to crack down on illegal road racing.

The Czech police reportedly has hundreds of vehicles confiscated from criminals which are used to combat serious criminality throughout the country.

This act by the Czech government, apart from ensuring there are consequences for citizens engaging in criminality, also saves the government money by reducing its expenditure in purchasing vehicles for the Czech police force.

Given that Dr Rowley has declared crime a public health emergency and has also given the country caution as to the state of our national finances, it is left to be seen if Dr Rowley’s proclamation is all bark and no bite. Will we be seeing confiscation of property owned by criminals to be used to provide services to the T&T taxpayer?

Corruption and criminality is endemic not just amongst the population in T&T, but within our Government agencies. Given the level of white-collar crime in T&T, were the Rowley-led Government serious about addressing crime, the TTPS would have had endless Prados, BMWs and Mercedes-Benz vehicles to add to their fleet of cars. It is well-known internationally that in countries where there is endemic violent crime, that there is a direct correlation between violent crime and white-collar crime and crime within government agencies. This is because white-collar crime causes countries to lose billions in dollars that could have otherwise been utilised to address social inequality and infrastructural development in impoverished/ marginalised communities.

So as long as the criminals in the BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and Prados remain untouched in T&T, violent crime will be par for the course in our country.

White-collar crime; black-collar crime… still crime.

Oke Zachary