Of coal pots and bike rides – while our leaders play


“I am living while I’m living to the Father I will pray. Only him know how we get through…every day. With all the hike in the price, arm and leg we haffi pay. While our leaders play.” – Untold Stories, Buju Banton.

As a proud Trini, I no longer condemn those wanting to leave the country.

I’ll be honest: though I support foreign opportunities, I mentally crucified people eager to leave TT. Let’s be realistic, how can we move forward if everyone leaves?

But can I fault them, while our leaders play?

Let me declare to toxic political sycophants that I am not affiliated to or a member of any political party.

Since the reading of the budget, I’ve been listening to some of our Cabinet members and have concluded there is a gigantic disparity between what is said and what is happening on the ground. It is downright ludicrous and selfish to ask the nation to do their part in these perilous times, while our leaders play.

I’ve heard we should look at ourselves instead of pointing fingers at government. I’ve heard Trinis have a “sense of entitlement,” meaning everything must be handed to us.

On top of this, we have an MP endorsing coal pots and bicycles. I must admit, there is credit to some of these statements. Many of us engage in folly and expect a golden spoon.

But I (like many others) work from 7.50 am-4 pm, I pay my taxes and I does mind my child.

Does this mean I must accept mediocrity?

The global economy was struggling pre-covid and continues to struggle. I remember not too long ago a “powerful” group saying the middle class can no longer be the buffer between the “haves” and “have-nots.”

Given these two realities, are people insinuating I must welcome poor performance by government when I am not even getting the bare minimum?

Why, after 60 years, do we have very little to show for our independence? Why can’t we hold any public official accountable? How much longer will removal of subsidies be the main source of income for the State?

What is the purpose of the national watchwords? Why does the public service have the worst customer service in the country? What is the purpose of WASA? Is our government even aware of vertical farming?

Why can a public official deny an allegation and that’s the end of it? Why does the Law Association selectively forget the meaning of the word integrity?

I feel like I can ask questions till Prince George of Wales becomes king and the answers would be futile. In fact, I wonder if we would have been better off if Britain still ran our affairs.

Just imagine, eh, I didn’t mention crime, health care or education as yet.

The recent scandal surrounding the indemnity deal made me realise our government has been watching the television series Game of Thrones. They have to be. For those of you who haven’t watched it or don’t have HBO, our government is playing a game of political aspirations and power-plays.

Here are some more important questions. Why are you accepting nonsense? When did you start accepting nonsense? Why is it the non-performance of our government does not compel you to act or make a statement?

Is it because it hasn’t affected your pocket directly? Is it that you are complacent? Do you even care? Or are you reading this and realising you don’t know what to do or where to begin?

Of course there is hope. Where there is life, there is a chance. I know the hurdles are large and as I always say, not everyone can be Jehue Gordon. I yearn for a forum that aims to speak productively on the issues of our nation, because I refuse to let Singing Sandra’s Voices from de Ghetto be sung in vain.

God help us all.