Obligations to Venezuelans vs the national good


What happens to our citizenry if we stop deporting illegal Venezuelans? How many can we safely offer legal status without destroying ourselves? Ten thousand, 50,000, 1 million? Opposition MP Rodney Charles, in his response to the Budget, said the Government is ignoring the fact that we already have over 100,000 Venezuelans living in T&T.

Gail Alexander, in her Guardian article, named a raft of organisations who now support the idea of conferring legal status to Venezuelan illegals. Well crapaud will have to smoke his pipe on that idea. Who comes first? Us or them? Sob stories about the inhumanity of tracking them like animals, quarantining them and returning them to Venezuela, will not bring tears to my eyes or indeed the eyes of other deeply concerned citizens.

UNCHR and other supposedly well-meaning folk, appear not to know the land size dimensions of T&T. 1.3 million citizens must make room for untold numbers of Venezuelans because deluded NGO’s say it is right so to do? Is it not an inhuman thought to flood tiny T&T with an indeterminate number of desperate illegals? Who cares about the effect on the T&T citizenry? There are increasing reports of many Venezuelans bolstering our admittedly unlovely crime statistics. We have allegedly several Venezuelan criminals making their presence felt and caught up in shootings and kidnappings.

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon.

We cannot have thousands of Venezuelans competing for already scarce jobs. They will offer themselves at bottom dollar. Societal mas in the place for locals. Just like the virus, T&T has no vaccination to deal with the Venezuelan migrant pandemic. Wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing and distancing will not cure this illegal particular disaster.

The immediate cure is to send them back immediately as they are deemed COVID-19 free. Are we being inhuman? When last I looked charity still begins at home. T&T is a very small dwelling house that is already crammed full of desperate local tenants.

There is no room to observe social distancing the Venezuelans.

Why not admit that it would be physically, mentally and economically unhealthy for T&T? How can they possibly dream of securing legal status, virus or no virus?

Diego Martin