Not capable of assisting?


With regard to the November 1 article in the Sunday Newsday, “Hotspot communities can be saved…,” I found it remarkable that although there was a number of people on the mentioned committee, there did not appear to be any of European descent.

Is it that a committee selected “to help communities emerge from the abyss of discrimination etc, etc” does not recognise that we of European descent are capable of assisting? Is it that our educational system neglects this very useful source of experience as being able to assist our “homeland?”

It is high time that we totally understand the every-creed-and-race concept of our national anthem – use the tablets and iPads to recount our development. For example, what was the genealogy of our own Dr Eric Williams rather than playing games, etc.

YouTube will show how to do anything possible so tune in and get serious. It does not seem conceivable that a body of men who had dedicated itself and been further indoctrinated by others to fight against private enterprise could, under any circumstance, run a company against whom it had been fighting forever.

For a start I suggest that we allow private enterprise to run businesses and the unions to represent the employees. There is so much ahead of us as we develop our nation. Let’s get serious.