No questions about these costs? Really?


So a fire station in Tobago cost $37 million and a recreation field with a pavilion in Santa Cruz costs $30 million.

Really? Maybe the cost of labour in Santa Cruz is higher than in Tobago. Maybe the cost of steel is really exorbitant. How is it that a recreation ground is almost as much to rehabilitate as to build a new fire station? Did they have to repurchase the land in Santa Cruz? Surely the built area of a pavilion is smaller than a fire station. Where is the cost coming from?

I am a civilian, but it astonishes me that there is no one in the media or indeed the general public that will raise these questions.

Last month also a person in the THA raised the cost of the proposed hospital in Roxborough from $60 million to $80 million without a single question or comment from the media or the public.

This must be similar to the Scarborough Hospital that took ten years to complete. Maybe the THA is expecting this new hospital will take as long. Really?

We must decide what type of country we want to live in.

St Joseph