We’re strapped into election mode for the next year or so, as the General Elections are due in 2020, but before that the Tobago House of Assembly elections are due. So the politicking will continue, now it moves over to Tobago, where politicians have already been vocal about wanting to take control of the THA to decide what’s best for the island. But who’s to decide other than the residents themselves?

So these upcoming THA polls may very well be a hard fought contest. Names such as Watson Duke, Hochoy Charles, Christyln Moore, and Ashworth Jack are either going up with their individual parties or joining together somehow to battle the stronghold that the PNM currently enjoys on the island.

But after all the pulling and pushing of electoral seats, how can Tobago benefit? What’s in the future for this beautiful, mostly untouched island? Over the years there has been talk about giving Tobago independence or self autonomy, etc. But why hasn’t this happened yet, or getting anywhere?

The natural beauty of the island is the right pick for a tourist, but why aren’t they coming? What upgrades does this island need to make it best suited to sustain itself and become a booming economy, allowing the people to chart their own way forward. Are they ready for such a big commitment and challenge? That is a good question.

THA Chief Administrator Raye Sandy said earlier this year that Tobago’s population needs to triple to support the kind of business that should be on the island. Does Tobago need a ‘Sandals’ or can it survive on its own branding? Surely heavy foreign investment is needed on the island to spring it to the energy needed for this self-sustainment, and sadly, Sandals may have been one of those brands that could have injected some life into the island’s outlook.

With all this in mind, come January 19th for the THA election, it comes down to party versus party and candidate versus candidate. But, Tobagonians need to hear clearly from these groups and individuals about their real plans for the island, since it is time to develop…there’s no more room for waiting time. Tobago has potential and we need unselfish, dedicated personnel on board to see it through. Politics aside, island first!