Midterm elections will give us a chance to recall


I am sure most of us know that in the US an elected person who wins the popular vote is called a Congressman, not a MP who serves for four years, but there is a revote feature called the midterm elections.

Midterm elections are every two years although the representative is elected for four years. This provision permits the constituents to choose another person by replacing the dud or non-performing person.

Senators on the other hand are elected to serve for a period of six years without any midterm elections.

In our style of government, when a person is elected as a MP or Member of Parliament, he is permitted by the provisions of our constitution to remain in office for five years without any recall except if fired.

Therefore, to enhance our system and modify it effectiveness, we should consider making this a part of our mandate, a leader had advocated strongly for a recall but it never materialised.

However, President Harry S Truman said it correctly, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” and sometimes we find our kitchen abundantly filthy.

I presume our screening process has no way of vetting the candidates, so why keep paying their salaries for five long years to end the time.

This directly relates to taxation without representation or misrepresentation.

In essence, putting our house in order and letting the voice of the people be heard is simply justified by the provisions of our constitution.

New York