Make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory


The bottom line with COVID-19 vaccines is simply. We are trying to prevent:

COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 transmission.

Serve COVID-19 cases that would require hospitalisation or cause long term effects or death.

Every vaccine available now is more effective than NO vaccine and they all significantly reduce the likelyhood of illness and death.

If someone gets infected after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine,they are less likely to spread it to others and less likely to end up in a hospital’s intensive care unit.

If we can get widespread immunisation we can decrease the community viral load, that is the amount of virus that is circulating and the more people that are vaccinated, the better the vaccine works in a population.

Getting as much of our population as possible immunised with any approved COVID-19 vaccine will help to reduce the threat of disease, control the pandemic and help us to move forward with our lives.

We need to take instructions from those more qualified that ourselves. No one knows everything. Do not let a few hiccups deter you.

We need to follow those more qualified than us in the medical field.

T&T let us do the right thing.

Who don’t hear will feel.

Prevention is better than cure and one gramme of protection is worth a thousand kilogrammes of cure.

Let us take in front before front takes us, he who hesitates is lost.

Make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

Princes Town