Lets Tweak Our Fireworks Culture


The buzz around town in the past week or two has been on the topic of fireworks, and its negative impacts where noise pollution is concerned. The debate has been ongoing, since fireworks is a big business and very popular during special occasions during the year including New Years, Divali and Independence Day.

So, the main cause of contention was the death of a kangaroo and several birds at the Emperor Valley Zoo due to the louder-than-usual explosions for Independence Day as the activities were moved closer to the Zoo’s direction in the Queens Park Savannah.

There had been issues raised by the Zoo’s officials prior to this, with music being played at the nearby Brian Lara residence, which also seemed to shake the animals up in a bad way.

While the fireworks are pretty the noise factor doesn’t really play much part in the excitement, or does it? The constant loud booms, accompanying the bright array of colours just bring out the smiles in us, as spectators, doesn’t it?

But what about those who are not spectating and not only cannot stand the loud booms but are physically scarred when these times come around. We’re talking about the animals, the elderly, the sick persons and even us regular folks who absolutely despise that noise.

There’s a reason in the law which states that permission is needed for fireworks to be set off in town…not only is it unsafe to use improperly but the noise factor surely plays a part! In the case of the Zoo in Port of Spain, they’re recommending the fireworks be set off from a barge off the western coast, or for the celebrations to feature noiseless fireworks.

These aren’t bad options, either way it’s still going to look pretty, but the detrimental factors loud fireworks bring will be non-existent. And everyone can party and live in harmony! But why aren’t the officiators of these large fireworks celebrations budging? We haven’t the slightest clue.

We think its worth a try, at least in the first instance let them off from a barge in the sea…and we analyse it further from there. Noiseless fireworks are also being used more in European and Asian cities, why can’t we follow suit?

They can be imported and sold just like the loud ones…why the hesitation? Don’t we want to co-exist comfortably with one another? Here’s one chance to do so.