Let’s stop talking and start planting


When reading newspapers, almost daily, we are informed of price hikes and a lack of some food items.

That is not good news for anyone, because when it comes to goods and services, Trinidad and Tobago has been getting its fair share of price increases.

According to reports, the war between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated the situation, and no one knows how long this will continue.

Now, what we’re being told is that what we are seeing was already in the works-that the writing was on the wall.

As we watched what was going on throughout the world did we really take note?

What did we do differently to assist us weather those storms in the future?

Did we make efficient use of our climate, land, and labour, especially in the agriculture industry, or are we still largely reliant on imports for a big portion of our food?

Those in charge will have to respond to that query.

When there is a food crisis it is wise and natural for governments to prioritise their own needs therefore commitments made in the past go out the window (when water is more than flour).

As a country, we must do everything possible to increase our food production.

The time has come to put all of the discussions into action.

Also, our Government can no longer rely on individual farmers and must get more involved in Government-run food production.

We need to get the private sector to invest in this area, and we need to operate differently because we know what can happen if things continue as they are.

There must be a discourse with stakeholders, and it is not enough to talk about rising food costs and food shortages without trying to solve the situation or giving answers.

When it is all said and done it is the unfortunate that in our society those who will feel it the most are already suffering. Let us do it together.

Arnold Gopeesingh
San Juan