Let’s clean up our country


Once again, I make a strong appeal for clean-up exercises to take place all over our country. The level of pollution is unbearable, the stench of garbage is nauseating and the sights are an eyesore.

My gosh, when I visit several parts of the country I am appalled by the amount of garbage I see. Is it that people are not even picking up the garbage that is in front of their own homes or yards?

I have even noticed that garbage disposals are overflowing in front of apartment buildings, etc. Where are the landlords? Sheesh, I thought cleanliness was next to godliness.

While I understand that we are still in a state of emergency (which does not serve any real purpose), I make an appeal for people working with NGOs to organise clean-up volunteer campaigns in small groups. I am willing do my part and have been doing some things to help but God knows there is a lot more to be done to keep our environment clean.

I understand that dogs, cats and vagrants regularly tear at garbage bags looking for food, but can we all try our best to tidy up our spaces? We all know what happens when the rains come and flooding occurs.

I also express my concern about the bushes and tall grass that are growing on private property that may have been abandoned. The bushes can become a safety hazard to neighbours and villagers. Men and women can hide in the bushes to smoke weed or cocaine, do freaky stuff and commit other crimes.

What can someone do about the tall bushes on private property? Can the regional corporations arrange to get the bushes cut?

I make an appeal for clean-up campaigns to take place down the islands as well.

Can we clean up our country, please?