Let us follow the science and strive for immunity


I would like to sincerely thank Dr David Bratt for his insightful article entitled “Children” that focused on the immune response of children to the virus, pointing out that they have more immune cells in their noses, throats and windpipes which produce enormous amounts of interferon which immediately activates killer white cells, ready to attack the virus.

Thanks for pointing out that third line of defense that is present in both children and adults and of the white blood cells that can provide long lasting immunity.

Thank you so much, doctor, because we know that there are thousands of citizens who have survived COVID-19 and have developed a robust natural immunity which seems to be totally disregarded and is not up for any debate or discussion.

Thanks for opening this discussion about B cells, T cells, plasma cells and the lot. This is what those who have recovered from COVID-19 and now possess strong natural immunity have been waiting to hear.

Thanks for letting us know that being overweight is a bad comorbidity to have during this COVID season and that healthy children and adults would certainly reduce the need for hospitalisation and that physical play for children would help to improve their health.

Doc, you may seem like a voice crying in the wilderness but we believe that there are those who are following the science and would soon join you.