Let us believe again


I am the first person to write when something is wrong with our two islands, and it has been extremely depressing over the past few years.

Covid was unbearable, people are still having problems finding jobs, putting food on their tables, and the crime situation is out of control.

It can be very depressing for anyone these days, especially with Christmas on our doorstep.

So, on Monday when I saw a Carib Brewery video advertising a Merry Christmas that was filmed in Tobago, I cried. It brought back so many good childhood memories of people being kind. I simply had to write about the GOOD that is still out there, within each of us.

We used to be like these people on this bus. We used to help one another. We used to speak nicely with one another. We were good, friendly people who were happy to be part of these two islands.

Find this video, share it as much as you can, and let us believe! Believe again that we can and must turn things around.

If those we chose to do so cannot do it, then we the people must learn from these people on the bus and be kind to one another, speak nicely to one another and help one another.

Merry Christmas to everyone! A huge thank you to all the wonderful people in that ‘Merry Christmas bus’ video!

Deborah Crooks